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Welcome to the biggest erotic night club in Bratislava - Slovakia. Read about us to find more information about our Babylon Night Club.
About us

About Us – Babylon Erotic Night Club

Welcome to the night club Babylon - the biggest erotic club in Slovakia. The exclusive and unique erotic night club in Bratislava invites you to their premises on Starohájska 3, Bratislava in the area of the horse-race course. The night club Babylon in Bratislava has been opened since 2001 and since then it has had a long history on Slovak erotic market.

Our sex club Babylon is cut out for relax and erotic entertainment, or you can simply enjoy a drink, talk and leave your everyday problems behind.

The erotic night club Babylon is the largest erotic club in Slovakia, but does not have too many girls. We focus on quality not quantity. You will always find ten girls in the club that we carefully choose and are particular about them to welcome our guests with a nice smile and congenial manner. We want our customers to feel comfortable. Our girls are well behaved, always attend to our clients’ needs, you will never see them just sitting and playing with their phones or acting as hard to get.

The night club Babylon offers cozy and friendly atmosphere, lots of fun, interest in our clients and their needs. We want visitors of our Babylon club to feel unique and spoiled. We want you to feel as the star, not someone redundant. In the gentlemen's club Babylon nobody pressures you to go for a room, nor will you be intimidated by a brute security guard or a scowling girl. We wish to create a friendly and pleasurable atmosphere. You can enjoy your stay by taking a drink and talking or embrace our offer of fine girls who will love to give you a dance or perform a pole dancing show in our secluded rooms.

We are looking forward to your visit at Babylon club in Bratislava.